Name That Cabinet!
A crazy game of skill and memory.

I have had a lot of fun looking at conversion cabinets and trying to tell what game they started their life as. Well... if I have fun doing it, why... other people might have fun, too! So, I made a place where everyone can share the fun!

Click on the converted cabinet for a larger version, and try to guess what game it was originally. If you give up, click on the answer link and you'll get a pic of the original game. You don't win anything for getting the answer right, other than that wonderful feeling of knowing your brain is working nicely.

Tournament Arkanoid



Final Fight


Golfing Greats

Marvel vs. Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat


Raiden II

Street Fighter II CE

Shao-Lin's Road

Top Gunner

WWF Superstars

Please note. The purpose of this page is not to make fun of the conversions or the people that do them. I understand that operators have little choice but to turn a dead game into a money earner. Gotta make a living!

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